Monday, May 25, 2009


The sun is shining in Ucluelet and the aquarium is swimming with exciting new developments.

Our rockfish tank is up and running at last and looks fantastic. The specimens enjoying the new spacious tank include canary and china rockfish accompanied by a couple of kelp greenlings.

On May 22nd, fishermen donated a truly unsightly treasure- a Pacific Hagfish. These deep-water creepers are also known as slime eels due to their incredible ability to produce copious amounts of slime when disturbed. They are blind and jawless opportunists that indulge in rotting flesh at great depths.

The decorator crabs are getting antsy as the finishing touches are completed on their new disco tank. 'Dressing up' in whatever surrounds them is important for camouflage, even if that means colourful disco attire. Stay posted!

Interested in catching your own crab? Dave will share his crabbing expertise on Saturday, May 30th at a crab trap making workshop. The fee is $6 and registration is possible through KK at 726-4772.

Much gratitude to all of our volunteers and donors, we really appreciate it and can't thank you enough!!

-Mary Vasey, Aquarium Interpreter

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