Friday, June 5, 2009

All Warmed Up

With the sunshine sticking around Ucluelet the aquarium has really brightened up. A temperature increase means an increase in activity and responsiveness from the specimens. The giant Pacific octopus has been particularly rambunctious lately, much to the distress of the red rock crab. In the video below you can see the octopus playing around her tank while waiting to begin hunting her next feast.

The giant pacific octopus squints at observers while enjoying the tasty red rock crab [Mary]

As usual the aquarium had their awesome volunteers from the community come by after school. Today's activities included specimen collecting from the shore and off the docks, feeding, and simply adding to the exciting atmosphere of the aquarium.

Two great volunteers, Kai and Mickayla, drop by to check on the specimens they collected [Mary]

Indicators of the warming waters are apparent in all animals, not just the large flashy ones. Here you can see a burrowing orange sea cucumber bringing feeding branches into its mouth one by one. It is essentially licking its fingers after catching floating particles in the currents.

See you soon!

-Mary Vasey, Aquarium Interpreter

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